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About the brand

The industrial company LUSMONT2 was bought in April 2000 and it was integrated into the LASA Group the same year and immediately started to manufacture and be the flagship brand for table, bed and decoration items.

Before it was bought, the company and its brand name were already well known in some markets, particularly in the USA, Portugal and France, which meant that LASA Group could penetrate the new market segments and markets more easily.

With LUZMONT2's production capacity, LASA Group naturally diversified its items and products and gained greater size and prominence on all the markets where it was trading.

Just like all the other LASA Internacional and KLEINMANN products, the LUZMONT2 brand products are also created and placed into permanent stock, again to respond to customers in the various markets and destinations quickly.

The products sold under this brand name are distributed in many European countries, but especially in the USA.