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The LASA Group

Lasa was founded by Armando da Silva Antunes in1971. After working for many years in trade, particularly selling handkerchiefs and kitchen cloths, the company began with an industrial project exclusively dedicated to making terry cloth bath towels in 1980.

For the past 30 years, LASA has founded and bought companies following a continuous policy of solidification, the creation of critical mass, size and the search for new opportunities, meaning that today it can offer a wide range of home textiles.

Leveraged by this long-term sustainability and growth, the LASA Group is today composed of the following companies: LASA (Preparation, Weaving, Dying of yarn and items, Garments and Embroidery, Packaging and automated warehousing), FILASA (Preparation, Weaving, Dying and Automated Warehousing), FILASA ER (Energy resources and co-generation), LUZMONT (Preparation, Weaving and Garments) and A&A – Home Collection (Sale of decorative items).

All LASA Group companies are in the north of Portugal, in Guimarães, which is the heart of the textile industry and they all have modern machinery, due to a permanent investment policy, and employ over 700 workers and occupy a covered area of about 40,000 m 2.

The excellence in the creative processes and innovation, their productive capacity, the logistics hub and the sales dynamics that have been developed and implemented, i.e. the know-how that has been acquired over the years were and are success factors in LASA Group businesses.