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LASA in the World

Internationalisation process

After two years working exclusively on the domestic market, LASA had its first international experience in Belgium in 1973. It was only in 1979 that LASA expanded its business to the UK, France and Norway, which it consolidated until 1985. When Portugal joined the EEC in 1986, and as a natural consequence of the enlargement of the European internal market, LASA managed to start doing business with Spain, Germany and Italy, which quickly became very important markets. After 1999, LASA began exporting its products to the USA and Canada and then later to Mexico as well. Business with the Nordic countries began early on in 1979, mainly with Norway, and then gradually Sweden, Finland and Denmark joined in.

Branches with their own structure

LASA Group has had its own structure in Spain and Germany since 1999 and 2000 respectively. There are also sales offices in France, Italy, the UK, and Switzerland that are prepared to give a quality response and quick service.  

Brands and delivery service

The brands in LASA Group's portfolio were created to respond to customers' needs and likes in each market, depending on the trends and the consumers' purchasing power. The case of the licences of Rosina Wachtmeister and Guy Laroche is different, while the first has a wide, popular market because of its design and bright colours, the other is aimed exclusively at the high end of the market, for customers with more conservative and even classical taste. The delivery of all the products in the various collections, brands and licences is immediate, as referred to in point 2.1 below.

In a constant search to adapt to market needs and demands, in an important investment in human resources, through their motivation and training, in creation and innovation, in specialisation, in products that stand out and, lastly, in internationalisation, LASA Group, apart from setting up branches and offices in some foreign markets, has become a household name throughout Europe and in many other countries around the world.