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Brands and Licenses

The LASA Group has been growing structurally and at the same time it has been diversifying its range of products and markets, which means that today it is considered to be one of the most important traders in Portugal and Europe: in yarns - raw and dyed, and in all household products - bath, bed, table and decoration and even dressing gowns and bath robes, various items for babies (clothing, bed and bath) and different sizes of beach towels.

Along with this specialisation, and as a result of constant sales efforts, adapted to market and consumer trends and demands, LASA Group decided to register some of its own brands, such as: lASA INTERNACIONAL,  KLEINMANN, LASARITO, BLUMARA, LA GRANJA , which it leveraged with other licensed brands, which resulted in specific agreements with stylists and fashion designers with international reputations such as: ROSINA and WAMSUTTA.

LASA Group has its own collections of all these brands and licences that are designed, created and renovated in its R&D department every 6 months, which it promptly produces to keep as permanent stock so that later it can provide all the customers and markets in the shortest possible period of time, e.g. 24 to 48 hours for Spain, 48 to 72 hours for France and the UK and 72 to 96 hours for Germany.

This productive capability and logistics management meant that LASA Group could provide its customers with a highly original service, give them ready answers and deliver to a wide range of countries and branches in record time.